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Founded in 1994, the KIDFISH Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Little River, Texas, between Temple and Austin.  KIDFISH is a youth outreach program dedicated to facilitating and educating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our main objective at KIDFISH is to create and provide practical fishing opportunities and educational experiences for children and families across Texas and beyond.

KIDFISH offers a variety of outreach fishing activities for children under the age of 16 including the “Catch Tank”, our portable fishing pond that can be assembled indoors and outdoors, and KIDFISH Community Events which are more like a fishing tournament and typically held in local city ponds.

KIDFISH hopes to instill in children a deep appreciation for the sport of fishing as well as awareness and respect for the conservation of the environment and its natural resources. Unlike some fad sports, fishing is a lifelong pursuit that is as much about spending quality time on the water with family and friends as it is about catching lots of fish.

KIDFISH events have been hosted in hundreds of communities throughout Texas and even Louisiana,  Mississippi, and Arkansas.

KIDFISH has conducted thousands of outreach programs and stocked more than 465,000 adult fish into community park ponds for families to enjoy.

KIDFISH is about more than just fishing.  Our outreach programs give children and families the opportunity to experience a tradition.  By introducing them to the balance of nature and the concept of stewardship, we ensure these precious resources are protected into and beyond the foreseeable future.

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